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Intelligent Banknote Counter With Detecting Function

Product Name:Banknote Counter
Brand Name:MOA
Model Name:DP-6116
Price (RM) :-
Description:Intelligent Banknote Counter With Detecting Function
Complex Anti-Counterfeit
High accuracy, detects the banknotes;s magnetic ink, printing process, width, paper transparency etc.
Intelligent Error Detecting
Stops and sounds alarm to signla suspected double, short and chained note.
Preset Function
Variable batch selection by step through and incremental adjustment auto-stop when selected preset count is reached
Automatically Add Function
Automatically accumulate for each successive counting
Automatically Reset
Fully automatically counting, displaying, auto-restart, easy operation
Enhanced Self Diagnosis
Fully self-diagnosis functions helps easy maintaining and trouble-shooting
Streamline Appearance
Modern ergonomic design, compact shape, Oval display shooting
General Specification
Dimension : 330d x 265w x 220h mm
Counting Speed: > 1000 Notes/Minute
Display : 3 Digital LED for counting/Preset
Power Supply : AC 110V/50 HZ or 220V/50HZ
Feeder Capacity : 200 notes
Carrier Capacity : 300 notes
Weight : 7.3kg
Power Consumption : 50W